Responsive Website Design Showcasing Mockup

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Responsive Website Design Showcasing Mockup

This website mockup is a stunning example of modern responsive design. Its isometric layout and carefully placed elements, such as iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iMac, keyboard, apple mouse and indoor plant, create an eye-catching visual. The PSD file is organized and smart objects enable easy insertion of header images, e-Publishing templates, Google slides, and Keynote templates. All objects can be managed separately and even the shadows are placed in a separate folder. For those who want to take advantage of this free mockup, the process is simple. All of the mockups are grouped in separate folders, making it easy to place a web design on each object. The background color can also be changed or a custom background can be used. And because this mockup requires Adobe Photoshop CS5+, users can rest assured that their design will look its best. This is an excellent resource for designers who are looking to create a beautiful, responsive website. With the ability to easily insert images, templates and slides, and the option to customize the background and shadows, it can help create an impressive website in no time. Hey! Remember you have to credit the author Brennen , a horse gets its horn and becomes a unicorn.

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