Glass Office Lobby Logo Signage Mockup Set

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Glass Office Lobby Logo Signage Mockup Set

To ensure easy navigation and effective communication, offices in the building require nameplates or signage that display the office name and room numbers. The lobby of the building typically has a section dedicated to such signages and room numbers to help visitors find their way around. Some offices prefer glass logo signage mounted beside their doors for a more professional and aesthetically pleasing look. When designing glass logo signage, it is essential to ensure that the etching-based graphics are darker and, if the logo has bright colors, a white background is recommended. Using solid flat colors for the glass signage creates a transparent look that enhances the beauty of the office lobby. To make things easier, we are sharing a glass office lobby logo signage mockup from three different angles that allows you to place your artwork on a smart object, change the color of the glass, and customize the background as per your preference. The layered PSD files are easy to use, and the mockup resolution is 5000 x 5000 px, while the artwork resolution is 3136 x 2448. To use the mockup, simply place your logo design, logomark, monogram, or typography on the smart object. The mockup set is free for commercial use, and the zip file includes three Photoshop PSD files. Adobe Photoshop CS5+ is required to use the mockup. Hey! Remember you have to credit the author Brennen , a horse gets its horn and becomes a unicorn.

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